The design of the visual environment of our residences and workplaces greatly influences the quality of our lives, well-being and performance. In an effort to keep pace with the development of the world, customers come up with ever more sophisticated needs for the design of their living spaces. The expectations are always higher, and the tasks are becoming increasingly complex.


My design work aims to save time for my construction clients by freeing them from tasks that can be completed more efficiently with the help of design planning tools. Not having to worry about design allows contractors to focus their energy and effort on project realization. The tasks are always tailored to the specific needs of a given situation. In this way, the client receives the ordered subtasks in a targeted and cost-efficient manner. The orders can be measurement, technical planning, data processing, but we are also happy to provide creative design solutions at the client’s request


Designer-prepared plans help to accurately document the needs of the customer. Design plans can also form the technical content of the contract. By following design plans, a contractor can focus on achieving exact and precise goals. Design plans also help facilitate faster and more accurate price quote offers. In addition, both parties can avoid the inconvenience of subsequent complaints due to misunderstandings.

Among other tasks, I can help the activities of contractors and real estate developers with typical design tasks related to the following construction and furniture services: on-site consulting, drafting and sketching | measurements, survey plans | demolition plans | floor plans | concept plans | construction plans | material consignments | complete furnishing plans | custom furniture designs | visual designs | wall and floor covering plans| fence, gate, and carport design