The design of the visual environments of our residences and workplaces greatly influences our quality of life, well-being, and performance. Though we may not be aware of it, colors, materials, and proportions affect us all. Furthermore, our guests and customers interpret these factors as a reflection of our personalities. Therefore, aligning the design of our daily living spaces, workplaces, and furnishings with our lifestyles, habits, and tastes is of the utmost importance.


My work aims to create the most optimal personalized, aesthetic, and attractive environments possible according to needs and possibilities.

My diverse design activities focus on interiors and the furniture within interiors, but I also deal with other areas of our built environment that require an artistic design vision.

In my work, I always combine and optimally weigh perspectives of design criteria, applied arts, construction or even architecture for the task at hand.

Depending on customer need and budget, the scope of tasks I undertake are also quite diverse; from short on-site consultations and design drafts all the way to the preparation of complete design plans.


The nature of the tasks I complete range from creative design art activities to more straightforward technical design and data processing tasks.

The involvement of a designer makes possible the realization of a truly unique and special end result in construction, renovation, and furnishing work. In addition to the functional service of customer needs, a designer also adds aesthetic value to projects for customers when compared to conventional construction alone.

Design plans help professional contractors calculate precise offers. During the course of work, design plans spare contractors from having to deal with details that do not belong to their fields of expertise. Moreover, both parties can avoid the inconvenience caused by subsequent complaints due to misunderstandings.

Among other things, I can contribute to making the built environment more beautiful through the following design services related to furniture and construction activities: on-site consulting, brainstorming, sketches and drafting | concept plans | complete furnishing plans | custom furniture designs |construction plans | floor plans | visual designs| wall and floor covering plans | fence, gate, and carport design